Options / GDPR

This option allows setting up the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) message for different languages. The GDPR aims to give your website visitors a way understand and control what happens to their data.

Though the GDPR started in the European Union, it impacts companies outside the EU. But mostly it brings users to question what happens to the data that is collected from them.

GDPR on PagePrecision

Does this apply to your company? Yes, both due to the global reach of the internet reaching EU visitors, and to be transparent to the visitor what happens to his personal data.

By default, PagePrecision does not collect personal data using third party companies. Most sites make use of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Floodlight, Hubspot.

Integration with Google Analytics is offered as an option by entering the Google Tag Manager ID in the Options / Editor options.

Elements of a GDPR

Warning on page load

Upon landing on a PagePrecision site for the first time, the website visitor is reminded to review the site’s Privacy Policy. The warning is constantly displayed on the footer until the user accepts it. Upon acceptance the user’s preference is held for 15 days.

The Privacy Policy Page

The Privacy Policy page establishes the technical behaviour of the site, as well as the procedures for managing said data within your company and any third party company, if applicable.

The Terms of Service Page

As important as the Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service page establishes how website visitors are supposed to make use of the site. The Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service both make use of the same legal definitions.

Too much legal work?

PagePrecision will help you go through the legal text required for your Privacy Policy

PagePrecision as a company has no interest in collecting personal data.

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