Content Management System (CMS) Functionality

The PagePrecision CMS current capabilities were developed after analysing the needs of our initial batch of clients:

  • no gimmicky elements, content is king. The readers are intelligent customers interested in the clients’ content, and animations should only be used when the animation is key to understanding the message;
  • no pop ups asking to sign up or other intrusive elements that interrupt the customers’ experience;
  • simple navigation and breadcrumbs to make it always clear where the user is.

The above is achieved by different templates with their own functionality groups, as well as site-wide options. This modular approach allows expanding with your business by creating new templates, new functionality groups, and new site-wide options.

Functionality Groups

Functionality groups are used within each template to manage the core functionality of each individual page, controlling the presentation, behaviour, and meta data of a page.


Templates make use of multiple groups to define the functionality of each individual page.

Site-Wide Options

This allows both the content and the site administrators to specify elements that will be repeated on multiple pages, as well as default settings used throughout the site.

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