404 Not Found

A Page Not Found error is a common error on websites. It is triggered when a user (or a bot) tries to view a page that does not exist on the site. These errors are know as 404 Not Found errors.

There are multiple ways to mitigate this problem. Crawlers like MOZ can identify if the content on the site itself is leading to a page that doesn’t exist. Otherwise PagePrecision can help track 404 pages.

Resolving 404 problems is important because:

  • finding a 404 page can be frustrating for a user: a good 404 provides the user a better experience;
  • if a particular non-existent URL is visited often, it’s a clue to the content administrator that users are after that content.

The 404 Not Found template is used when a page is not found. It has the functionality of being a brochure-like page for pages that are not found, offering navigational alternatives, contact help, or any other content deemed appropriate (even humorous messages). The 404 Not Found template can be managed per site language.

The 404 Not Found template allows customising the Page Not Found error globally. It can also create multiple 404 pages for specific languages. The 404 Not Found template uses the following groups:

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