Functional Layouts

These are layouts that perform a particular function, like helping with the navigation or displaying lists of pages.


The breadcrumbs are used to help users locate themselves through the pages hierarchy, thus aiding with the navigation. The breadcrumbs are optional, but it’s most efficient when placed right after then Banner layout, if the Banner is not used, as the first layout of the page. The breadcrumbs can be seen on this page, with a light blue background, right after the Banner. There can be at most one Breadcrumbs layout per page.

List Children

The List Children layout lists a number of or all published pages underneath a particular parent page. Optionally, a button can be displayed underneath the list pointing to said parent page, the colours used on the component can be customised, and the author and date components are optional.

The image, title, and excerpt that appears on each row is managed on their respective pages. The best entry for each detail is selected from either the Listing and Excerpt Data group, the Localised SEO group, or the SEO group, depending on which one has content.

The pages are ordered by date and time, newest first.

If no children are available, the element is not displayed.

Contact Form

The contact form is a simplified method for your users to contact you or a member of your company. The fields are simplified to only Name, Email, Message, and a checkbox for acceptance of the privacy policy. There can be one or more recipients. The text and colour of the submit button are content manageable, and so are messages displayed to the user.

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